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Well… wait… No no no… Boxes, ressources, are we really talking about people? Are we reeeaally talking about teams? Okay, no, obviously. Everyone knows it. But not everyone knows or takes the time to build teams and sometimes (often?), in organisation, those groups of different persons stay groups, never become teams and at the end, vanish slowly behind individual concerns…

Differences between team and group may be subtle. Lets try to keep it simple.

  • A group is a number of individuals which may work on a same topics, but with neither need to support each others nor share anything. When a problem occurs, if the group can’t solve it easily, the members will leave it gradually.
  • A team is a group which is driven by the truly belief that, to achieve their goals, its members need to support each others. When a obstacle arises, the team will act as one to face it and work it out.

To build a team, there’s several tools. Sharing beers and food are the most easy to start with. Nevertheless, it won’t be enough in long term. Added to that, a team spirit has to be maintained day after day on something reliable than alcohol and bio salads.

Fortunately, discovering what can initiate a robust and healthy team spirit is effortless. Well, the hard work will be after that, but we have to start somewhere.

So, how discovering it?

Based on those two assets, we can start to work. And, believe me, it’ll consume your endurance, your courage, to face what is really needed for the team to emerge from the group.

But, once you’ve started, the real potential of individuals and solidarity will drive you far behind what you can ever imagine.